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Discover the "Unknowns" of Having a Pet Raccoon

There are several websites about how to raise a pet raccoon; however, I haven't found one yet that has any photos or videos of how they actually act or the sounds they make once they are domesticated. This website helps to get a feel of how a real pet raccoon acts. The good times and the bad times are caught on video to show users what they are getting into if they think they want to try to raise a raccoon as a pet. Its not an easy task, but if you have enough time, money, and patience then you will be alright.

Hints, Tips, and Tricks

Along the way there will be several different types of helpful information. From how to raise a raccoon from a baby, to what they like to eat, to what types of toys they prefer, all the way to information about the health ricks of a domestic raccoon. You will learn things about a raccoon that you would never imagine to be true just by watching the variety of videos or viewing the information.

Sticking her toung out..

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